2009 Film: Lola

The story is about two grandmothers who connected one to another. Their grandsons were involved in a murder case, one is on the side of the accused murderer, and the other one is the victim. The story goes along the grandmothers’ efforts to collect money for different purpose, one is for bailing out the grandson while the other one is for burial of hers. The story is unfolded in a backdrop of Manila rainstorm.

Lola, means grandmother in Tagalog, has shown utmost capacity of Brilante Mendoza in portraying poverty with a very naturalistic manner. Mendoza know very well how to construct his film based on visual storytelling, naturalistic dialog and characters, while casually depicted irony. This capacity could be traced back to his first big international hit, Serbis, which screened at in-competition section in Cannes. Lola has shown Brilante’s genuine approach to the “aesthetic of the slump” or “slump pornography” or whatever cynic calls it. Whatever it is, even pornography has its merit. Lola has shown that the merit is too big that it overcomes any intention of “arousal” towards the living of slump area people.

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