I Can Sell This Photo!

I can sell this photo! I said that when I took this picture. This is a photo of 2005 Camera D’Or Winner Vimukhti Jayasundara and Filipino filmmaker, Lav Diaz during 2010 Jeonju International Film Festival. I walked the cinema street with them and all of a sudden we spotted this statue of a filmmaker behind the festival tent. Then we curiously observe this statue. I just realized then this two guys – maybe not as famous as Steven Spielberg or Jim Jarmusch – but they are important filmmakers, at least in my knowledge.

Surely no media would buy this photo since they are not known in Indonesia, my country of origin. I never really think that I will sell this picture at the first instance I take it. I don’t really believe any financial benefit in such picture. I took this picture completely out of my passion on film, on cinema.

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